Yashoda Devi was Reached Mathura the day of Janmashtami!

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Yashoda Devi was Reached Mathura the day of Janmashtami!

“A strange coincidence, Janmashtami has turned out to be a very significant day for one of our patients”-stated the Medical Superintendent of ANTARA Hospital during the interview session with us.

A 40 year old lady was brought to ANTARA Hospital Emergency by the police of Joynagar Police station in March 2019. She had been wandering at the streets. Seeing this, the police rescued her and admitted her to ANTARA Hospital. She gave her name as ‘Yashoda Devi’, but could not give any more details of her identity to the concerned at the hospital.

During the past, more than 3 years, she gave different addresses which were a mix up of various places in the Haryana-UP area and ANTARA attempted to trace her family but failed. During the past 3 weeks, she was more forthcoming. The police at Mathura, UP, were contacted and within 2 hours they traced the family and informed the hospital authority. They confirmed the patient as their long-distance kin and requested ANTARA to reach the lady to their home.

Yesterday, Yashoda Devi, accompanied by two of the hospital staff, took the Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express to reach New Delhi this morning. The lady’s husband, Indrajith, and others received her at the railway station after identifying her.

“Her Aadhaar Card has her photo very clear. One of the few occasions I have seen the photo on an Aadhaar Card actually resembling the person”-stated the Medical Superintendent of ANTARA hospital with a smile in his face .

Munni Devi, who was Yashoda Devi to ANTARA for the past 40 months, was reached to her home in Mathura yesterday.

Yashoda Devi after so many months of being in the dark, she and her family celebrated the occasion of Janmashtami together.

It is worth the efforts spent on her during these months to reach her home on this homecoming journey.