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The ever increasing complexities of modern life are creating more problems for the human mind than it can cope with. Mental illness, including addictions and alcoholism, is assuming greater proportions as challenging social problems .Antara is a response to these challenges. It strives to extend a helping hand to the mentally distressed in ways more than one.

The basic of formation of ANTARA is unique; transcending caste, colour and creed. Antara’s success is a result of the cooperation of a cosmopolitan cross-section of the concerned with the initiators of the vision of serving those who cannot afford treatment and had no real refuge. Antara has also driven home the realisation that the mental agony suffered by the have-nots is in no way less than those more economically fortunate. Antara today stands as an outstanding example of the widest concept of ecumenism in action.

ANTARAGRAM has today blossomed into a well Organised, scientific institution with necessary infrastructure facilities like Residential Treatment Centres, Occupational Therapy and Vocational Training Units, Out Patient Departments, Library & Reading Room, Quarters for Residential Staff is the uniqueness of Antara gram. Apart from giving the patients a family like atmosphere, the Community Members ensures 24-hour care to inmates.

Guiding philosophy

The Word Antara simply means “Heart”, although the literal translation signifies something from the core of one’s inner self where brain and heart function together for a cause.

All those who are a part of Antara Community have responded to call from their inner selves, coming together to work with a deep commitment to fulfill the vision seen 47 years ago by the founders of Antara.