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Dear Patrons

While Antara enters into its Golden Jubilee Year, Humanity across the planet is facing unprecedented challenge in form of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Antara this year has reached number of milestones, and one I must mention is that we had our Half Millionth OPD Patient visit. When most of the medical institutions across the world had to scale down their operations, Team Antara, despite all challenges and discomforts, continued to serve the society with its services and quickly adapted to the fast changing situation, both for treatment of In and out-patients as well as its online delivery to serve the needy.

I feel proud to be part of Team Antara, which has been living its motto for the past 50 Years in serving the needs of every person who reaches out to Antara for help in realm of Mental Health.

The Pandemic has given surge to rise in Mental Health issues across every age and section of the society, and need for more institutions like Antara. For Antara to expand its service Delivery in all spheres of Mental Health, from Prevention – Treatment – Rehabilitation – Capacity Building has become all the more important and urgent due to paucity of capacity in India and outside.

The few positives from the Pandemic, Mental Health is now out of the closet and is becoming a rather easily acknowledged issue, usage of Digital and Online Tools, is helping a much larger section of the society to access help and also for caregivers to deliver. This should accelerate in reducing the growing demand supply gap in Mental Health Eco-system.

We are grateful to each one of you in our journey, particularly in times of Pandemic, when many of you despite economic, social and other constraints, continued to support work of Antara. We look forward to serving together with you to a much larger section of the society and in a faster and better way.

In Gratitude

Kamal Prakash

Dear Friends

By the grace of God ANTARA has completed 45 years of its useful existence.

We had to face good and bad times, but with the help and guidance of friends and well-wishers we could reach from almost zero point to the level of 200+ bedded hospital, serving all types of psychiatric illness, including drug addiction, to men and women of all ages.

Hope and pray that the unique features of ANTARA will be maintained so that psychiatric treatment will reach all the patients in need, irrespective of caste, colour and creed. We are in the process of building a co-operative structure, i.e. living together, eating together as a Community. Our dream is a world without boundaries and practice of the widest concept of ecumenism in action.

Please remember that ANTARA started as a single candle stick in the psychiatric darkness. I also record with thanks to God Almighty for having given strength to visit ANTARA once a week for last 45 years along with my wife.

God willing, hope we will able to grow along this direction and serve all people in need , especially those who cannot afford to treat themselves.

Late P. M. John