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Training In Geriatric Mental Health and Dementia Care Certificate Course

Antara Institute of Health Sciences, the educational wing of Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences believes that mental health caregivers need to be trained in providing basic care to mentally ill patients in clinical and community setting. Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences is a voluntary, non-profit, secular and charitable organization founded in 2021. One of the objectives of the society is to develop mental health sciences and train competent professionals to treat mental health patients by setting up learning centers, knowledge hubs, and other related initiatives. We aim to promote education through rights-based approaches for all people.

Course Description

The Certificate course ‘Training in Geriatric Mental Health and Dementia Care’ is designed to inform learners about the continuum of senior services and support. The focus is on elderly community care, in-home support, long-term care in different contexts, including private caregiving community services and institutionalized residential care. The course’s objectives are to provide learners with a conceptual and practical understanding of dementia and dementia care.

Who will benefit from this course?

Health professionals and students, family caregivers, friends of and affected individuals, and others interested in learning about dementia and quality care for the elderly will benefit from this course. Whether you’re a professional or family carer, this course will help you better understand the person you’re caring for, and offer best practice advice on managing challenging behaviour and diffusing stressful situations. It will help you stay connected with your loved one with enhanced communication skills.

What you’ll learn?

  • The process and factors that lead to aging.
  • Mental health disorders among seniors.
  • The nursing care plan.
  • Progressive stages of dementia.
  • Effects of dementia on the patient.
  • Communicating with someone who has dementia
  • Techniques for ensuring patient’s physical and psychological well-being through communication, bathing, feeding, dressing, and other tasks.
  • To care for yourself by using our tips on managing caregiving stress.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Geriatric Mental Health
  • Module 2: Understanding Dementia
  • Module 3: Dementia: Impact on the person
  • Module 4: Dementia: Caregiving and the Home Environment
  • Module 5: Dementia: Community Level
  • Module 6: Dementia: Care for the Caregiver

Duration of the Course

The ‘Training in Geriatric Mental Health and Dementia Care’ Certificate Course is a 6-month programme from March to August 2024. There is sufficient emphasis on practical training under experienced doctors of Antara.

Eligibility for the Course

The student seeking admission to this course should have passed Madhyamik (class X)/ Secondary School Examination (SSC).

What will be Your Work Prospects after the Course?

After completion of the course, the candidates will be equipped to work as caregivers for elderly patients with dementia in settings such as: • Households, Hospitals (government/private), clinics (government/private) and independent health care centres.

Admission Procedure

The admission form can be downloaded from the prospectus or obtained from the AIHS office and submitted there.

Important note: Applicants from marginalized sections will be given preference. Deserving candidates will be given the scholarship.

Course Fees

Registration Fees Rs. 1,000/-

*Tuition Fees Rs. 5000/-

*20 % discount on tuition fees for groups from care service organizations with minimum 5 candidates.

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