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Basic Mental Health Care Certificate Course

Antara Institute of Health Sciences, the educational wing of Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences believes that mental health caregivers need to be trained in providing basic care to mentally ill patients in clinical and community setting. Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences is a voluntary, non-profit, secular and charitable organization founded in 2021. One of the objectives of the society is to develop mental health sciences and train competent professionals to treat mental health patients by setting up learning centers, knowledge hubs, and other related initiatives. We aim to promote education through rights-based approaches for all people.

Course Description

The Certificate course ‘Basic Mental Health Care’ is designed to train learners and caregivers to understand and serve the basic needs of a mentally ill patient at home or hospital. Mental health is a global concern, yet the level of support found in each country varies widely.

According to WHO, India accounted for nearly 15 per cent of the global mental, neurological and substance abuse disorder burden. A meta-analysis of community surveys estimate that the prevalence of depression and anxiety could be up to 33 per 1,000 persons.

In India, the treatment gap (the number of people with an illness who need treatment but do not get it) is 70 to 92 per cent, depending on the state. It is estimated that nearly one-third of patients who seek help from healthcare facilities could have symptoms related to depression. But poor awareness of mental health symptoms, social stigma, and lack of adequate resources and facilities stop people from getting the help they need.

Those who are mentally ill tend to lose their sense of well-being, many their insights, and the balance between their physical and emotional state. Thus, providing basic care also becomes a challenge. It is needless to say that there is an acute shortage of trained Psychiatric Nurses as well in the country. In such a situation, a mental health caregiver can serve the basic needs of a mentally ill patient at home or in a hospital.

Who will benefit from this course?

Health professionals and students, family caregivers, friends of and affected individuals, and others interested in learning about basic mental health care will benefit from this course. Whether you’re a professional or family carer, this course will help you better understand the person you’re caring for, and offer best practice advice on managing challenging behaviour and diffusing stressful situations. It will help you stay connected with your loved one with enhanced communication skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the students will be able to,

  • Understand the basic concepts of mental health.
  • Demonstrate skills in effective communication to the patients.
  • Establish good interpersonal relationship with patients.
  • Provide basic mental health care to the patients.
  • Identify mental health emergencies and provide mental health first aid.

Course of Studies:

Theory: 36 hours (2 hours x 2 day x 9 weeks)

Clinical: 54 hours (6 hours x 1 day x 9 weeks)

Clinical Experience:

Sl. no Area of Posting Duration
1 Acute Psychiatric Ward 18 hours (6 hours/day)
2 Chronic Psychiatric Ward 18 hours (6 hours/day)
3 De-addiction Ward 6 hours
4 Child Psychiatric Unit 6 hours
5 Community Mental Health Unit 3 hours
6 OPD 3 hours
Total 54 hours

Examination Scheme:

Theory: 50 marks

Practical: 50 marks

Total: 100 marks

The examination to be conducted by AIHS

Conditions for Admission to Examination:

The student should have attended 75% of theory and practical sessions.

Standard of Passing:

In order to pass the candidate should obtain 50% marks separately in theory and practical examinations.

Students will be given opportunity of maximum 2 attempts for passing.


Title: Certificate Course in Basic Mental Health Care

A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course which will state that

  • i)Candidate has completed the course
  • ii)Candidate has had clinical experience at hospital
  • iii)Candidate has passed the prescribed examination.

Duration of the Course

3 months

Distribution of the course in weeks:

Teaching theory and clinical practice: 9 weeks

Examination (including preparation): 2 weeks

Public Holidays                                     : 1 week

Total: 12 weeks

Eligibility for the Course

The student seeking admission to this course should have:

  • Passed Madhyamik (class x)
  • Be physically and mentally fit

What will be Your Work Prospects after the Course?

After completion of the course, the candidates will be equipped to work as caregivers for mentally ill patients in settings such as: • Households, Hospitals (government/private), clinics (government/private) and independent health care centres.

Admission Procedure

Admissions are open for the next batch from April to June 2024. The admission form can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the AIHS office and submitted there.

Important note: Applicants from marginalized sections will be given preference. Deserving candidates will be given the scholarship.

Course Fees

Registration Fees ₹. 500/-

*Tuition Fees ₹. 2000/-


Subject Hours Content
Unit I 3 Basic care concept
Unit 2 1 Concept of Mental Health
Unit 3 1 Basic concept of mental illness
Unit 4 1 Approaches towards Mentally ill person
Unit 5 2 Therapeutic Communication
Unit 6 2 Classification of Mental disorder
Unit 7 2 Psychosis
Unit 8 2 Neurosis
Unit 9 2 Schizophrenia
Unit 10 2 Mood Disorders
Unit 11 2 Personality Disorders
Unit 12 2 Substance abuse & related disorders
Unit 13 2 Organic Disorders
Unit 14 2 Mental Disorders of Children & Adolescents
Unit 15 2 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Unit 16 2 Emergency Psychiatry
Unit 17 2 Commonly used Medicines in Psychiatry & side effects
Unit 18 1 Basic concept of Community Mental Health
Unit 19 1 Rehabilitation
Unit 20 2 Mental Health First Aid
Total 36

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