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Post Graduate Diploma in ADHD Management

Antara Institute of Health Sciences, the educational wing of Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences believes that mental health caregivers need to be trained in providing basic care to mentally ill patients in clinical and community setting. Antara Society of Mental Health Sciences is a voluntary, non-profit, secular and charitable organization founded in 2021. One of the objectives of the society is to develop mental health sciences and train competent professionals to treat mental health patients by setting up learning centers, knowledge hubs, and other related initiatives. We aim to promote education through rights-based approaches for all people.

Course Description

The Post Graduate Diploma in ADHD Management course is designed to equip professionals in the field of Psychiatry and Education with a comprehensive scientific and technical knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in various age groups. Students will examine ADHD from a medical standpoint and take into account the personal experiences of those with ADHD. The objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary knowledge on the causes, possible treatments, and supportive strategies for individuals with ADHD.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will benefit health professionals, educators, and students who are interested in advancing their skills in understanding ADHD. If you are a professional who works with children, such as support teams, foster carers, or those who support adults affected by ADHD, this course is highly recommended for you. Take the next step in your professional career and enrol in the Post Graduate Diploma in ADHD Management today!

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the students will learn,

  • Impact of living with ADHD
  • Impact on parents, and guardians
  • ADHD and comorbidities
  • Diagnosing ADHD
  • Culture, gender and diagnosis
  • Genetics and ADHD
  • ADHD and the environment
  • Brain chemistry and ADHD
  • Parent training
  • Treatments and Intervention for ADHD

Course of Studies:

1 year (July 2024 to June 2025)

Distribution of the course in weeks:

  1. Teaching theory and practice: 25 weeks
    (1 hour a day x 2 days a week x 25 weeks: 1x2x25 = 50 hours)
  2. Clinical Practice at AIHS: 15 weeks
    (6 hours a day x 1 day a week x 15 weeks: 6x1x15= 90 hours)
  3. Examination (including preparation): 4 weeks
  4. Public Holidays: 4 weeks

Examination Scheme:

Mode of Examination: English


The structure of the training program will be as outlined above for all students.

  • A minimum attendance of 80% is necessary for appearing in the final qualifying examination.
  • Attendance will be counted only for full-day participation and there will not be any attendance given for part-day participation.
  • Students are required to meet all course requirements within a stipulated period from the date of registration.
  • Permission for leave of absence due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances needs to be taken from the course director.
  • For absence exceeding 3 days, the student must either take prior permission / submit a medical certificate, if applicable.The course director alone reserves the right to grant / revoke continuation of the candidature under the program and his/her decision will be final.

Evaluation Mechanism

  • Evaluation will be done through different formats (Written exam, Field Report, Case submissions, Practicum/Viva exam).
  • Final assessment will be conducted by AIHS.

Final assessment will be conducted by AIHS.

  1. Theory: 50 marks
  2. Practical: 50 marks Total: 100 marks


A certificate titled – ‘Post Graduate Diploma in ADHD Management’

is awarded upon successful completion of the course which will state that

  1. i) Candidate has completed the course
  2. ii) Candidate has passed the prescribed examination.

Eligibility for the Course


What will be Your Work Prospects after the Course?

Upon completing the program, graduates will attain the necessary qualifications to serve as caregivers and as professionals specializing in ADHD management across a range of settings. These settings include households, where they can provide crucial support and guidance to families navigating ADHD challenges. Additionally, graduates will be equipped to contribute significantly within educational institutions, helping to create supportive environments that cater to the unique needs of students with ADHD. Furthermore, their expertise will extend to healthcare centres, where they can offer comprehensive care and treatment strategies tailored to individuals with ADHD.

Admission Procedure

The admission form can be downloaded from the prospectus or obtained from the AIHS office and submitted there.

Important note: Applicants from marginalized sections will be given preference. Deserving candidates will be given the scholarship.

Course Fees

Registration Fees  ₹. 2,000/-

Tuition Fees  ₹. 22,000/-


Module Topic Hours
1 – Understanding life with ADHD 1.1   Introduction to the Course

1.2   Characteristics and prevalence of ADHD

2 – Experiencing ADHD 2.1 Impact on parents and caregivers

2.2 ADHD and comorbidities

3 – Diagnosing ADHD 3.1 Diagnosing ADHD with DSM-5

3.2 Diagnosing ADHD with ICD-10 and ICD-11

3.3 The diagnostic process

3.4 Culture, gender and diagnosis

4 – Risk factors for ADHD 4.1 Genetics and ADHD

4.2 ADHD and the environment

5 – ADHD and the brain 5.1 Brain circuits and selective attention

5.2 Brain chemistry and ADHD

5.3 Candidate genes and dopamine

5.4 The dopamine theory of ADHD

6 – Approaches to managing ADHD 6.1 Parent training

6.2 Cognitive behavioural therapy

6.3 Medication: stimulant treatment

6.4 Medication: non-stimulant treatment

7 – Wellness of Caregivers


7.1   Dealing with Denial – Yours and Theirs

7.2   Preparing for What Comes After Caregiving Is Over

Total 50

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