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ANTARA – Vision 2025

The ever increasing complexities of modern life are creating more problems for the human mind to cope with. Mental illnesses, including drug addiction are assuming greater proportions as challenging social problems.

With the superfast pace of technological advances and the associated social upheavals, the human mind is challenged with unprecedented demands for adapting appropriate coping mechanisms. The emerging scenario calls for urgent and adequate steps for mental health promotion, prevention of mental illness, treatment, care and rehabilitation services. Antara is a response to this challenge. We strive to extend a helping hand to the man in mental distress.

Antara always believed in ‘Lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness”.

Today, Antara is the largest Non profit, Non Governmental Organization in India extending holistic mental healthcare facilities to people from every socio-economic category, including destitute persons.

A lot more remains to be done.

Our vision is to reach out to every person in mental distress in this part of the world. Our mission is to build up and establish a model Organization, the best in the world, which extends the best form of mental healthcare with compassion.

Hence we keep dreaming, planning and implementing new ideas and initiatives that will help to remove the stigma of mental illness, protect the dignity of persons and families affected by mental illness, programs that will improve the mental health of the people and projects that will help to provide the best form of mental healthcare in terms of facilities and quality of care.

We invite all Individuals, Trusts & Foundations, Companies and Corporate Houses to come forward and participate in this great endeavour.

List of ANTARA’s Projects & Requirements as on 19th June 2021

Category A – Infrastructure Projects

Sl. No.Name of the Requirements/ ProjectEstimated Cost [₹]
Priority – I
1Data Management System (DMS) Software for Medical Records 6,96,300
2Protection Railings around Water Bodies at Antaragram17,04,000
3CCTV Surveillance System – At Apartment Building, Personnel Growth & Development Unit. (Part of the Project has been sponsored by TATA PDCL)7,41,100
4Construction & Development of Roads20,00,000
5Construction of Convention Centre with Auditorium & Guest Rooms4,50,00,000
6Purchase of Land15,00,00,000
7Skill Development and Production Unit for Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Persons affected of Mental Illness in the Community1,00,00,000
8Setting Up Lift Well and Elevator for the Patients of the Apartment Building [DPR003/21-22]31,45,000
9Installation of Fire fighting system in the Apartment Building [DPR004/21-22]5,00,000
Priority – II
1Organic Waste Converter System4,65,000
2Eco park for the patients2,00,000
Priority – III
1Research Infrastructure3,00,000
2Construction of Boundary Wall [East]14,43,200
3Construction of Guard Wall for Pond10,00,000
4Prayer & Meditation Centre6,00,000
5A distinct De-Addiction Unit for Treatment of Patients4,00,00,000
6Assisted Living Facility (Home For the Homeless Mentally Ill Patients)4,00,00,000
7ANTARA Institute of Health Science4,00,00,000
8ANTARA Community Mental Health Unit & Halfway home for Palliative Care4,00,00,000

Category B – Endowment Fund Schemes

Sl. No.Name of the Requirements/ ProjectEstimated Cost [₹]
1General Endowment Fund [To endow 1 bed for needy patients] for life1,50,000
2Children’s Endowment FundAny Amount
3Medical Endowment FundAny Amount
4Scholarship Fund (to support needy students in courses offered by Antara)Any Amount

Category C – List of Items/ Programmes that needs SPONSORSHIP support

Sl. No.Name of the Requirements/ ProjectEstimated Cost [₹]
1One Day’s Breakfast4,000
2One Day’s Dinner8,000
3One Day’s Lunch8,000
4One Day’s Meals [Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner] for all patients20,000
5Hospitalized Treatment of a Homeless, Mentally ill patient for one month18,000
6Hospitalized Treatment of a poor child for 1 month12,000
7Care & Support Programme for community-based rehabilitation (for one month)1000 per head
8Detection & Referral Camps – [12 Camps in a year] @ Rs. 8000/- per camp x 1296,000
10Aesthetic Therapy Programme [for one year] One session per week x 52 sessions1,30,000
12School Mental Health Programmes @ Rs. 2000/- per session x 50 sessions1,00,000
13Epidemiological Survey of Baruipur Block4,00,000

Category D – Urgent Requirements for improving Facilities for patients

Sl. No.Name of the Requirements/ ProjectEstimated Cost [₹]
1To support kitchen Garden (for soil, pots, manure, saplings, etc)1,00,000
2Colour painting of walls, cost of a shelf and toys for children attending Child Guidance Clinic80,000
3Television for Child Guidance Clinic12,000
4Camera for documentation purposes40,000
5Electronic Display for Out Patient Department20,000
6Automated Generator of 100KVA [DPR002/21-22]7,21,000
726 Seats Passenger Vehicle for the transportation of Patients17,67,500
8Tiffin Carrier Cane for the transportation of food to various wards (13000 in each ward*12 Wards)1,56,000
9Four Wheeler Transport Vehicle6,00,000

Category E- Donations in kind/ towards running expenses

Sl. No.Name of the Requirements/ ProjectEstimated Cost [₹]
1MedicineAny Amount
2FoodAny Amount
3Treatment of homeless/ needy patientsAny Amount