Thorns cannot hide the beauty of a Rose

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Thorns cannot hide the beauty of a Rose

A 24 year old lady named Nazma Khatun (name changed) from Tiyor Pukur, Murshidabad, was found roaming around the streets of Narendrapur. The local people handed over her to the police. On 4th January she was brought to ANTARA by Narendrapur police. Since then she was staying and being treated here. She could not tell us anything about herself. When she was brought to Antara she was unwilling to take food and medicines. She was in aggressive mood and having adjustment problem with others. Lack of concentration, poor self care, sleep disturbance, irritable mood etc were the other complications that we encountered. So we started her treatment at Antara.

Somehow her family members got to know that she has been brought to Antara and came here looking for her. After consulting with the treating Psychiatrist and Social Worker they decided to continue her treatment here. She is much better now and cooperating with the instructions of our medical professionals but she needs to continue treatment for some more time.

From her family members we got to know that she is suffering from some psychological issues since last 6 years and had been treated by several psychiatrists of their local area. She was having adjustment issues for long time and she was not willing to stay at home.

But in spite of her illness she has completed her MBBS degree. It proves that if we desire to do something nothing can draw us back. After completing her MBBS she was doing her House-Staff ship staying in a rented house. But as she was staying alone she was not taking medicines properly so her illness relapsed but we believe after getting discharge from ANTARA she will complete her House-Staff ship successfully.

At ANTARA we have seen many people who are suffering from Mental Illness but in spite of their illness they are continuing their job and hobbies properly. So this is a general appeal from us to all of you reading this story –“Please do not neglect someone just because of his/her mental illness. Everyone is good in something. You cannot judge someone just with their illness. So respect them, love them and do not let them feel different. They are as normal as us.”

This blog has been Written by – Ms. Shatabdi Datta
*Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.