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The OPD Clinics/Services are open every day except Sundays.

Name of the Clinics/Services:

  • Adult Psychiatric Clinic
  • Child Guidance Clinic
  • Drug Dependency Clinic
  • Counseling & Guidance Clinic (Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychometry, I.Q. Testing, etc.)
  • Pharmacy

# Timing: 9 a.m – 4.00 p.m (OPD closes at 5 p.m.)

For the kind attention of all concerned persons Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to the overall increase in running expenses, we are compelled to revise the charges for some of the services extended by ANTARA with effect from 20.06.2020.

The Revised Rates are given below:

A. Out Patient Services

1. New Registrations (Inclusive of Registration Charges, Interviewing & Case-history taking)

Walk-in Clinic – Rs. 600.
By Appointment – Rs. 800.

2. Follow-up Consultations

Walk-in Clinic – Rs. 200/- per visit (No revision)
Follow-up by Appointment – Rs. 300/- per visit

3. Medicines: As per Bill. (Most of the medicines are available at prices much lower than prices in Retail Shops)