Let’s Celebrate Independence from the stigma associated with Mental Illness

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Let’s Celebrate Independence from the stigma associated with Mental Illness

On the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India, let’s celebrate independence from the stigma associated with mental illness.

Independence is a priceless gift bestowed on us by the freedom fighters who fought selflessly for the freedom of our nation. They dreamed of a nation where people can breathe freely, express freely, live freely, do whatever they want for their betterment. Because of their sacrifice we became free from the shackles of the British after years of slavery. So we do have some responsibilities towards our nation and our society.

All of us cannot become soldiers at the same time to serve the nation and to protect our countryman. But we can contribute in our own small way to make the nation and the world a better place to live in. Our small efforts in our day to day life can bring about some positive changes to our nation and eventually to the world.

So on the auspicious occasion of our Independence Day, let’s take a pledge to support those who are struggling with any sort of mental illness or addiction.

So from now onwards, whenever you see someone who is facing any mental health issue in your circle, do not ignore him/her or do not make fun of him/her. Start a conversation and tell him/her to speak up. It may take some of your time that you could have been invested in your private world in chatting, sleeping, gaming or doing anything else, but believe me stealing some of your time from doing all these, to invest in talking with a person who is going through some mental issues could bring a positive change in his/her life. Let him/her understand that you are not ashamed of his/her condition and he/she is still the same person to you that he/she was before having this illness. Encourage him/her to seek help from the mental health professionals. Encourage your friends, family members and relatives to do the same to their circle.

Every drop makes an ocean. If all of us try to make our small circle/group a stigma free circle/group, then someday surely our nation will be totally free from all sorts of mental health stigma and mental illness will be treated as any other physical illness.

Let’s dream for a Mentally Healthy and Stigma free World.

This blog has been Written by – Ms. Shatabdi Datta
*Disclaimer:- The opinion expressed in the blog is the opinion of the writer & not necessarily the opinion of ANTARA Organization.