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Ms. Sujata Adhikary is the only earning member of the family. As her elder sister Jharna has been separated, she stays with Sujata along with her child.

Jharna is 40 and suffering from mental illness. Frequent mood swings, aggressiveness, irrelevant talk, reduced sleep and appetite etc were the symptoms of Mrs. Jharna Sanpui, resident of a slum in Kolkata. When her daughter and sister came to receive her from ANTARA we got to know from them that she got missing from home one month back after a quarrel with her mother. They said whenever she got in to a fight she used to leave home. But this time she was missing for a month. They said she is very demanding and used to take tobacco.

On 17.02.2019 West Bengal Police from Baruipur Thana brought her to ANTARA. After few days of treatment she started giving information about her home and family members. Although the address she provided was of her in laws place. But our team of social workers managed to find out her home and informed her family that Ms. Jharna is being treated at ANTARA.

On 12.03.2019 Ms. Sujata Adhikary (Sister of Jharna), and Ms. Puja Poria (Daughter of Jharna) came and received Jharna from ANTARA.

As their financial condition is very poor, ANTARA gave them a 100 percent concession on her treatment cost.

ANTARA always strives to help such needy patients.
You may help us to help such persons.
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