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Like any other organisation, ANTARA too faces challenges posed by the competitive environment , staff retention and particularly in meeting the ever-escalating costs of operation.

While the first two challenges are being successfully countered by raising our own standards of service delivery, meeting the funds deficit remain one of the serious issues. Our avowed policy of reaching out to those who need psychiatric services the most, yet have the least access to them, does not permit it to keep increasing service charges proportionate to the rise in running expenses. While a large number of patients also receive treatment free-of-free or at concessional rates, we do not receive government or regular funding support. The entire income is generated in this form of donations, sponsorships and endowments from socially conscious and caring individuals and corporate houses from all over the World, Known as “Friends of ANTARA”.

“Friends of ANTARA” have contributed to Antara not only by way of monetary donations but with technical, Social and moral support.

We encourage everybody to become a “Friend of ANTARA” Link for enrolment –Individuals.