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ANTARA caters to every patient seeking help irrespective of their economic status. Concessions in services charges are extended to all those who deserve discounts. Destitute and very needy patients are given free treatment.

We welcome donations on the following categories: –

General donations : Any amount

Endowment of Beds : You can endow beds in the name of your loved ones, your family , company , etc ; by making Endowment Donations of Rs. 1,50,000/-. The amount will be kept in long – term deposits and the interest will be utilized for supporting of needy patients.

CSR support for Projects : Any amount. To underwrite expenses for implementing projects & Programmes, A list of such Projects / Programmes & Requirements are available in CSR Page.

Donation in kind : New / used articles, furniture items, equipments, food materials etc; are accepted as donation in kind . Used clothes are not accepted.