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Antara has hugely impacted on the people living in South 24 Paraganas District & Southern parts of Kolkata City.

On an average, 28 new psychiatric patients and about 160 follow up cases attend ANTARA on every OPD day (Monday to Saturday).

The total number of cases in F.Y 2019-20 had been 8379.

ANTARA has also made very positive impact on the people helping them to change their views on mental health & mental illness bringing about a helpful attitude among people towards persons suffering from mental disorders.

Statistics of Number of Patients served by ANTARA during the year 2019-20:

ANTARA in the Past Year: Glimpses
Number of new patients enrolled in the OPD: 6,474
Number of follow up cases that has attended the OPD: 38,046
Number of patients hospitalised: 1905
– MC  Ward (Sub-acute Ward for Men): New Admission  – 427
– CRS Ward (Acute Ward for Men): New Admission  – 308
– MTC Ward (De-addiction Ward for Men): New Admission  – 231
– LICI Ward (Cabin/Shared rooms): New Admission  – 98
– KAC Ward(Acute Ward for Women): New Admission  – 335
– ICCO Ward (Sub-acute Ward for Men): New Admission  – 234
– Rehabilitation Ward for Women: New Admission  – 89
– Rehabilitation Ward for Men: New Admission  – 121
– Children’s Ward: New Admission  – 43
Number of Homeless Patients admitted during: 33
Amount of Concession provided during the year for In-door Patients: Rs.47,98,315
(The mentioned amount is only for the people who got discharge. )
Number of Free Patients admitted in ANTARA during the year 51
Amount of Concession provided for medicines at ANTARA during the period: Rs.72,64,179
Amount of concession provided during the year for out-door Patients: Rs.76,14,899
( The Figure mentioned includes Registration, Consultation, Psycho-Assessment Test done in the OPD on either concession or totally free)
No. of Community Based Programme during the year: 53
No. of Training Programmes to Nursing Colleges/Schools 24

ANTARA has been empanelled under West Bengal Health Scheme and has been recognized as CLASS I Uni-speciality Psychiatric Hospital. ANTARA Hospital is also empanelled with ESIC & WBPDCL.