• Community Based Mental Health

Community Based Mental Health

Antara has been able to reach Psychiatric Service to the common man by making them accessible & affordable to all irrespective of the socio economic groups or classes they belong to.

The Community-based mental health programmes reach the services further down to the grass-roots level of the population through a set of community based service initiatives. There will be special programmes to include the destitute, the marginalized, homeless & other very needy patients.

The CBMHP have the following components.

  • Prevention Programmes
    • School Mental Health Programmes
    • Workshops & Seminars
    • Spreading Awareness through Media
    • Putting up stalls in Exhibitions
    • Training programmes for Health Workers, Teachers, Community Workers
  • Detection Camps
    • Detection Camps in Schools
    • Camps to Sensitize & Identify Alcoholics and other Chemical Dependents
    • Child Guidance Services & Play Therapy Programme
    • Support Programmes through Helpline* (Internet, Telephone)
  • Care & Support Programme
    • Subsidized OPD and indoor Treatment
    • Family Counselling
    • Advocacy
    • Socio Economic Support for Client and Family
    • Home Visit by Social Workers
    • Monthly Group Meeting and Workshops
    • Networking and Referral Services Assistance to Procure Disability Certificate, Pensions, etc.
    • Self Help Group for Financial Support
    • Skill Training Income Generation Programmes
  • School Mental Health Programme
    • Awareness Building Activities through School Mental Health Programmes.