• 1990 - 1999

MILESTONES (1990-1999)

30/March/1991 -
Formal Inauguration of Antara Round Table Medicare Centre by Mr. Russi Mody.

01/November/1992 -
Commencement of Training Course in Basic Psychiatric Nursing

31/March/1993 -
Inauguration of ICCO Ward for Women

05/December/1993 -
Inaugural Mental Health Fair

15/February/1997 -
Silver Jubilee Celebration of Antara

01/June/1997 -
Commencement of Mobile Mental Health Clinic

09/August/1999 -
Inauguration of Post Graduate Diploma Course in Psychiatric Social Work under the ACE & EC, Jadavpur University by Prof. A.N.Basu, V.C. of Jadavpur University.