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How can I admit the patient?
You have to bring the patient to Antara Hospital’s Out Patient Department on any day (except Sundays) between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. After examination, if the doctor advises admission, then the patient can be admitted.

How many days does the patient need to be admitted?
First admission is for 14 days. Thereafter, the period of stay may be extended if required. Average period of inpatient treatment is 2-4 weeks.

When can the patient be admitted?
New patients can be admitted in the morning (9 am – 11 am) and afternoon (2 pm – 3 pm) whereas old patients can be admitted at anytime during the office hours (9 am – 4 pm), from Monday-Saturday.

How will I bring a violent patient?
Antara has no arrangement to pick up patient from home.

What kind of food is given to the patients?
ANTARA HOSPITAL has a system where the patients and staff eat the same food. Rice/Roti, Dal and Vegetable/Fish/Egg curry is usually served. Once in a week chicken curry is served. Patients in cabins are served one additional special dish at every meal time.

What kind of treatment is given to the patients?
Treatment is mainly through medication. Dance & Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Recreation Therapy are provided as per need of the patient.
Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) or Electric Shock is not given to patients in Antara Hospital.

When can we visit the patients?
Usually, visiting time is 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. everyday. Some wards have different visiting times.

Can the patient be admitted anytime in case of emergency?
Emergency admission is possible anytime, provided bed is available.

The patient is sensitive and doesn’t want to come for counseling / admission. He/she is normal most of the times but shows some disorders/possesses mental illness. How can we bring such patient?
We have a Counseling & Guidance Clinic. The patient can come and meet the Counselors to discuss his/her problem. No admission will be made by force.
If the patient is aggressive/very disturbed, then you have to take someone’s help and bring the patient to Antara O.P.D.

Can any doctor come to our homes and treat the patient?
Antara does not have the arrangement to send doctors to the patients’ home for treatment.

What is the process of new registration?
New patient can be registered at Antara O.P.D. on any day (except Sundays) between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
OPD Registration and Service Charges on First Visit (including consultation): Rs. 150/-
Service Charges for Follow-up visits: Rs. 60/-
Medicines are available at the OPD Pharmacy at subsidized rates.

Will the patient abscond during his/her stay at Antara?
The patients are always under the observation of staff. Therefore, chances of patient absconding from the hospital are rare. Patients are encouraged to come out from the wards and participate in sports, occupational therapy activities and cultural programmes. During such activities, a patient may try to abscond.

Will there be any concession in the service charges if we produce a letter from M.L.A. , Panchayat or Councillor?
Yes. There is a provision of concession for needy patients if they produce a letter showing their income duly signed by Local Government Bodies or on producing B.P.L. card.

Can we visit Antara and see the facilities being provided before admitting the patient?
Yes. Anyone can visit Antara during the office hours (9 am – 5 pm) on any day except Sunday.

What is counseling? Is counseling done in Antara?
Counseling is the use of psychological methods in the treatment of patients. It involves giving professional guidance to individuals, couples and families. Counseling is done in Antara through the Counseling & Guidance Clinic run by Psychology Department.

How is counseling done in Antara? How can we get the dates for counseling?
Counseling is done in Antara by expert Counselors through the Counseling & Guidance Clinic run by Psychology Department. You can take appointments by visiting the O.P.D. or through telephone/Fax/Internet.

Is there any provision for De-addiction and Rehabilitation in Antara?
Yes. Antara has a specialized Unit for treatment of any form of addiction/alcohol dependence. Patients are admitted for De-addiction for 14 days and those who require rehabilitation can move to Rehabilitation Unit for the required period of time mutually agreed between patient and therapists.

Will the patient be cured by Psychological and Psychometric tests? Will the brain be affected by such tests? Will it develop their brains?
Psychological and Psychometric tests are very effective tools for diagnosis and treatment of mental health related problems. The brain is not affected by such tests. It helps in the treatment and recovery from psychological disorders.

Can counseling be done over phone?
As of now, Antara has no arrangement for extending tele-counseling.

Is there any risk about the security of female patients?
All wards in Antara Hospital, especially Women’s Wards are well protected and very secure. There are staffs on duty 24 hours to look after the safety & security of patients. Is there any branch of Antara? What are the locations?
Antara doesn’t have any branch. But Antara provide the following Satellite O.P.D. clinics:
At St. Gabriel’s School, Canning: Alternate Tuesday (9 am to 3 pm)
At. Nabo Jibon (M. C.), Nurpur: Alternate Tuesday (9 am to 3 pm)
At Janata Medical Service, Beck Bagan: Tuesday & Friday (9 am to 3 pm)
At White Cross Bari, Gazipur, Bakrahat: Alternate Thursday (9 am to 3 pm)

What is the location of Antara?
Antara is located at Gobindapur on the Garia-Baruipur Route.
Route direction to Antara Psychiatric Hospital:
By Road: 10 km from Garia on the Garia-Baruipur Road (23 km from Kolkata)
By Bus: Gobindapur Bus Stop on Garia – Baruipur Route.
By Train: Nearest Railway Station is Baruipur (3.5 kms away) on the Sealdah – Diamond Harbour and Sealdah – Lakshmikantapur/Namkhana Line
By Metro Rail: To Kavi Nazrul Station (Garia Market) and then Auto (Share Auto available) to Gobindapur