• Satellite Clinics


Distance and expenses incurring on transportation are reasons for a large number of patients dropouts from follow-up treatment. To counter this problem a number of Satellite Clinics have been operationalized by Antara :

  • Janata Medical Service (Mar Thoma Church) – Park Circus, Kolkata
    This Joint Project of Antara and Janata Medical service of the Mar Thoma Church, Kolkata has been serving hundreds of psychiatric patients twice weekly since 1971. On an average 35 patients attend this clinic every Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Nabojibon (Missionaries of Charity Centre) – Noorpur
    The clinic is open every alternate Tuesdays. On an average 85 patients attend this clinic. The Psychiatric Team from Antara also examines the destitute psychiatric patients accommodated and looked after by the Missionaries of Charity at the Nabojibon Centre.

  • St. Gabriel's Boys' Hostel (CNI Church) – Port Canning
    Another Satellite Clinic functions at St. Gabriel's Boys Hostel Premises of the CNI Church at Canning on every alternate Saturdays .On the average 75 patients attend this Clinic

  • Antara White Cross Bari – Gazipur
    Presently a Psychiatric OPD is functioning at this Centre since the year 2006. The clinic is open on every alternate Thurs days.