• Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Treatment Programme at Antara

Antara's Rehabilitation Program focuses on restoring wellness – we firmly believe that a person who feels well can accomplish the tasks of everyday life and achieve his or her desired life goals, and all our efforts are aimed at restoring psychological, physical, and emotional wellness.

The rehabilitation program is designed to provide Medical and psychosocial treatment which reduces symptoms and prevents further disability, reduces the chances of relapse and increases the persons strengths and coping mechanisms. This is carried out in a community living environment that reinforces reintegration of basic living skills and self care routines, and structured daily activities which prepare the client to move back into the family and the community. Rehabilitation ensures that through participation in socially and economically meaningful activities the client is reintroduced to a meaningful and qualitatively enriched life.

I REHAB ( Men ) 26 Beds
II REHAB (Women ) 18 Beds