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Resource Mobilisation Department comprises of a Senior Advocacy, Resource Mobilizer, and a Development Coordinator. All these 3 personnel work under the directions of the CEO.

Senior Advocacy helps in contacting Government officials to sponsor Antara Projects. Same time he brings innovative ideas in the field of propa-ganda.

Resource Mobilizer approaches/writes to various Individuals, Businessmen, Industrialists, Organisations requesting their support for Antara's noble cause. Resource Mobilizer prepares Project Proposals which can get sponsorship from generous minds and implement them systematically. All these activities will help poor mentally ill patients to get free/subsidized quality treatment.

Development Coordinator helps the Department in the following ways:

  • Keep the Website updated
  • Keep 'Friends of Antara' & Social Media Networks inter-connected with Websites so that the public browsing the sites can get into details of Antara operations very easily.
  • Help the Resource Mobilization Department to achieve its goals in various ways, on demand.


Senior Advocacy:
Phone: +91-33-24378484 / 0593 / 0439 Extn: 257,
Email: resources@antaraglobal.org

Resource Mobilizer:
Phone: +91-33-24378484 / 0593 / 0439 Extn: 260,
Email: kvjoseph@antaraglobal.org

Development Coordinator:
Phone: +91-33-24378484 / 0593 / 0439 Extn: 276,
Email: resources@antaraglobal.org