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Department Profile

Occupational Therapy - an essential component in psychiatric recovery

Occupational Therapy is one of the most effective methods of helping persons recover from mental illness. Occupational therapy doesn't necessarily teach an occupation so much as it engages the mind and the hands in productive ways to guide them back to a normal life.

It aims to help people return to a level of functioning where life becomes productive, independent and satisfying. Occupational Therapy provides a psychosocial complement to pharmaco-therapy and has been used at Antara for both inpatients and outpa-tients as an integral part of the caring process.

ANTARA has developed a well-equipped work therapy system with a multi-disciplinary approach under proper guidance and su-pervision.

  • Short term and long term clients work in their respective units for two hours each in the morning and afternoon. Day treatment clients work regular hours during the day.
  • All working clients are paid in coupons according to the work they do. Half of their daily earnings (coupons) can be ex changed at the incentive canteen that is managed by recovered clients. The other half is saved in bank accounts so that when discharged the person will have a useful amount of money with him.
  • Each unit tries to raise a profit that is ploughed back into the subsidy system to support the treatment of economically backward patients.