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ANTARA – the Genesis

The Seventies was a period of turbulence in the history of Calcutta city. The war between India and Pakistan, the Bangladesh freedom struggle, the influx of refugees from the erstwhile East Pakistan, the tension created by political movements, all these together made life quite a tormenting experience for many people in this city. A number of them lost their balance of mind and many could be found roaming on the streets.


It was in response to this alarming situation that Mother Teresa, Dr.Satrujit DasGupta, Mr. P.M. John, Fr. Andrew, Dr.R.B. Davis , , and a few others got together and found-ed Antara Society, with the primary objective of providing care, treatment and rehabilitation to the destitute and very poor persons suffering from mental disorders in-cluding drug addiction and alcoholism.

As the first step towards achieving the objectives of Antara, psychiatric Outpatient Clinic was started at the Janata Medical Service at Mar Thoma Church Centre , Kolkata as a Joint venture . This Psychiatric Clinic still functions on Tuesdays & Fridays catering to the needs of the poor psychiatric patients in the city.

Soon there was the need to accommodate and treat some of the patients particularly the destitute ones. A building was rented at Picnic Garden and residential treat-ment and care was started . This was a joint project with Missionaries of Charity (Brothers) took loving care of the inmates. This Home continued to operate at Picnic Garden till 1982.


On 17th Dec., 1979, a 2 Acre plot of land was purchased at Hariharpur Village on the Calcutta- Port Canning Road. Mother Teresa laid the Foundation Stone for 'ANTARAGRAM' Project on 4th Antaragram on 26th June, 1982.


The ever increasing complexities of modern life are creating more problems for the human mind than it can cope with. Mental illness, including addictions and alcoholism, is assuming greater proportions as challenging social problems .Antara is a response to these challenges. It strives to extend a helping hand to the mentally distressed in ways more than one.

The basic of formation of ANTARA is unique; transcending caste, colour and creed. Antara's success is a result of the cooperation of a cosmopolitan cross-section of the concerned with the initiators of the vision of serving those who cannot afford treatment and had no real refuge. Antara has also driven home the realisation that the mental agony suffered by the have-nots is in no way less than those more economically fortunate. Antara today stands as an outstanding example of the widest concept of ecumenism in action.

ANTARAGRAM has today blossomed into a well Organised, scientific institution with necessary infrastructure facilities like Residential Treatment Centres, Occupational Therapy and Vocational Training Units, Out Patient Departments, Library & Reading Room, Quarters for Residential Staff is the uniqueness of Antara gram. Apart from giving the patients a family like atmosphere, the Community Members ensures 24-hour care to inmates.

Guiding philosophy

The Word Antara simply means "Heart", although the literal translation signifies something from the core of one's inner self where brain and heart function together for a cause. 0

All those who are a part of Antara Community have responded to call from their inner selves, coming together to work with a deep commitment to fulfil the vision seen 45 years ago by the founders of Antara.

Vision & Mission


(As laid down in the Memorandum of Association)

  • To run a voluntary association of social workers and psychiatrists for the purpose of assisting, rehabilitating and treating the mentally challenged irrespective of caste, colour or creed.
  • To provide outdoor, indoor and domiciliary treatment to the mentally ill, including alcoholics and drug addicts.
  • To conduct research and training for the development of the healing of the mentally ill.
  • To establish in Kolkata and elsewhere centres and branches for expansion of the activities of the association


The ever increasing complexities of modern life are creating more problems for the human mind to cope with. Mental illness, including addiction and alcoholism, are assuming greater proportions as challenging social problems. ANTARA is a response to these challenges. We strive to extend a helping hand to the man in mental distress.


The Mission of ANTARA is to alleviate suffering of people afflicted with mental illness, addiction and alcoholism, especially destitute and poor. ANTARA shall strive to do this with love, patience and compassion.


Kamal Prakash Dear Patrons

Thank You for being with ANTARA during its 45 year long journey. Antara was set up to look after the destitute mental Patients. Today, it is known for its holistic approach to Mental Health, i.e. prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Government of India has acknowledged the growing problem of mental illness and expects that by 2020, nearly 20% of Indian population would suffer from some form of Mental illness. This is a matter of great con-cern.

Government also declared a National Mental Health Policy to provide universal psychiatric care. While this acknowledgement is an important step, this also increases the responsibility of institutions like Antara to spread awareness about mental health, how to build a mentally healthy society, take care of those who suffer from mental illness, and rehabilitate them into the main stream society with dignity.

I am confident with your continued support, Antara would continue to be a beacon of hope in the field of mental health and would continue its holistic work with resilience, despite all the challenges it has been facing.

With Good Wishes and Regards

Kamal Prakash

P. M. John Dear Friends

By the grace of God ANTARA has completed 45 years of its useful existence.

We had to face good and bad times, but with the help and guidance of friends and well-wishers we could reach from almost zero point to the level of 200+ bedded hospital, serving all types of psychiatric illness, including drug addiction, to men and women of all ages.

Hope and pray that the unique features of ANTARA will be maintained so that psychiatric treatment will reach all the patients in need, irrespective of caste, colour and creed. We are in the process of building a co-operative structure, i.e. living together, eating together as a Community. Our dream is a world without boundaries and practice of the widest concept of ecumenism in action.

Please remember that ANTARA started as a single candle stick in the psychiatric darkness. I also record with thanks to God Almighty for having given strength to visit ANTARA once a week for last 45 years along with my wife.

God willing, hope we will able to grow along this direction and serve all people in need , especially those who cannot afford to treat themselves.

P. M. John

Governing Body


H.E. Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi


Sr. M. Prema M.C.
Superior General, Missionaries of Charity
Fr. P. C. Mathew
Ex Principal, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
Thomas Mathew
Former M.D., LIC of India


Kamal Prakash
Dr. Mathew P. John
Mr. Dhiraj Mohindar
Mrs Molly Thambi
Milan Dutta
George Kuruvilla
Jacob Thomas


Thomas Koshy S. Radha Krishnan
Mrs. A . John Vinay Mohnidar
J. K. Mundhra Saket Agarwal
Sanjib Kr. Saha Dr. John Abraham
Dr. Sharmistha Roy Dr. M. T. Cherian


Bro. Paul Eaton M. C.
Rig David
Micheal Dutta
M. Thomas John
Jayanth Mathew
Dr. Bijoy Jacob


R. L. Gagger
P. C. Ghosh






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